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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Personal APPS to Help You Keep Track Of Your Finances

Personal APPS to Help You Keep Track Of Your Finances
By Tom Johnson
Looking for apps to install on your smartphone or tablet to help you with your finances, or setting up a budget? Here is a list of some of the ones that I highly recommend.

This app is amazing, with over 800,000 people using this application to keep track of their personal finances. This is the app of all apps. With its mobile dashboard you can track your net worth, analyze your portfolio by seeing all your accounts on the dashboard, plan for your future with the retirement planner, these tools are all free with this awesome app.
This has been a highly recommended app, this app has been in publications like Wired, Forbes and U.S. News. According to their web site this app will help with organizing your bills and cash flow. The app will create a bill calendar to help you not forget about bill due dates. The application is protected with Military Grade software keeping your data private and secure.

This powerful tool is designed to assist you in cutting your monthly bills. They advertised to negotiate with your providers like your cable company, cell phone service, internet service, electric and gas companies, plus many more. There expert negotiators analyze your bills to make sure that you are on the best plan for the money, they will also keep track of the service provider you have to make sure you are getting promotions and other discounts that they offer. This way you will always be paying the best rate for your services.
Swagbucks is an online rewards and cashback program for earning these awards for simply doing your normal things online, such as searching the web, answering polling questions, watch videos, play online games, and doing your shopping online. Whenever you sign into Swagbucks you will get rewards for everything you do, these reward points then can be redeemed for Gift cards or another wide range of prizes. In some of the reviews I did for Swagbucks I found people who were earning up to $400 - $500 a month in gifts and prizes.
This superior app can take the headaches and frustration out of budgeting. Many of us hate to budget so this app has been great for me to use. Level Money automatically updates your available cash as you make purchases each and every day. With this app you can set up tools to do the work for you. You can track what means the most for you and your budgeting system and you can put to the side the things that don’t mean as much for you. Level Money is safe and secure.  With its 128-bit encryption service Level Money is just as safe as banks and financial institutions. Give it a try today.
With this app you can monitor your daily, weekly, quarterly and even yearly expenses so that you can set up an effective budget. This seems to be a very simplistic app. You can do some customization to the app and in the long run it is a very effect app for your finances.
This application for smartphones has been mentioned in several business and financial journals to help with your expenses. Day by day it will create a new budget for you based on how much you have spent each day. This app has many useful features and tools for helping you budget, track and forecast your  finances.
All these apps for your smartphone and tablet technology are awesome. I have not had any negative experiences with any of these applications. To get the best use out of these tools is just to use them to help you get better control of your financial dreams.

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